CCTV Systems

all installations are made by angolan technicians who have more than 15 years experience.

1. Choose what type of Object you want to install the cameras:

 Bank Office Shop Restaurant Industry Warehouse Other

2. Choose the Number of cameras:

3. Choose camera type

 Convencional Dome

4. Choose lenses type

 choose lense de 5 - 50mm, F1.8 choose lense de 3.5 - 8mm, F1.4

5. Choose what type of DVR recorder

 for 4 cameras for 8 cameras for 16 cameras

6. Choose the size of the Monitor

 15 17 19

7. Do you require an onsite survey by our technicians?

 yes no

8. Address where the survey will be done

9. Name of contact person, company, institution that is asking for the quote

10. When do you wish the installation to start?

11. Duration of services

12. Email

13. Telephone

14. Other